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Direct taxation


Timely and accurately implements applicable requirement of taxation and corporate laws in client system and process which give them benefits of tax planning and make them complied with all legal requirements.

  • ITR/ TDS Return Preparation.

  • Assessments/Re-assessments.

  • Ex-Patriate Taxation

  • Tax Planning and Implementation

  • TDS & Withholding Tax Compliance

  • Lower or No TDS Deduction Certificate

  • Advance Tax Calculation.

  • Survey, Search & Seizer Consultancy.

  • Income Tax Appeals Before Commissioner Of Income Tax (Appeals)

  • Income Tax Appeals Before Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT)

  • Appearance Before Investigation Wing Of Income Tax Department

  • Tax Audit and Audit U/s 92E

  • Advance Rulling.

  • International Taxation

  • Transfer Pricing Matters-TP Study, TP Audit, TP Assessment & Objections with DRP

Indirect taxation


Timely and accurately implements applicable requirement of taxation and corporate laws in client system and process which give them benefits of tax planning and make them complied with all legal requirements.

Goods & Services Tax – GST:

A. Registration:
  • Assistance in Obtaining GST registration/ Amendment of existing GST registration.

  • Assistance in Obtaining Input Service Distributor (‘ISD’)/ Tax Deduction at Source (‘TDS’)/ Tax Collection at Source (‘TCS’) registration.

B. Periodic Compliances:
  • Filing of monthly and quarterly GST returns and other compliance returns.

  • GST Annual Return and GST Audit.

  • On call consultancy.

C. Consultancy Services:
  • Bond and Letter of Undertaking (LUT) related work for Exporters.

  • Advising on operations / transactions of clients from an Indian tax perspective

  • Advice on classification of goods or services.

  • Refund.

  • Assessment/Appeals/Representations.

  • Developing GST Training Module and Providing on Job Training to Employees.

  • Helps in implementation of GST in client’s system and processes.

  • Helps in Industry specific analysis and impact of GST.

Excise /Service Tax/VAT:

  • Refund.

  • Assessment/Appeals/Representations.

Company and Allied Law


We help you in timely and accurately compliances of corporate laws which give you the benefits of good governance and make you complied with all legal requirements and make you transparent for all stakeholders.


Services Offered

  • Private Limited Company Registration.

  • Limited Company Registration.

  • Limited Liability Partnership Registration.

  • Section 8- Company Registration.

  • All ROC Compliance.

  • Obtaining DIN and Digital Signature

  • Writing Minutes of Meetings

  • Secretarial Audit

  • NCLT Cases

Firm Registration:

  • Partnership Firm Registration.

  • Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration.


Non Government Organization:

  • Trust Registration.

  • All State and India level Society Registration.

  • 80G and 12A Registration.

  • FCRA Registration


Other Services:

  • SEBI Compliances

  • RBI Compliances

  • FEMA Compliances

  • Other Licenses like FSSAI, MSME, Shop and Establishment etc.

Business Start Up

Image by Mika Baumeister

Set up a business or start a business is not just a decision but its dream which need to be converted into reality. Always bold and courageous decision and need lot of support and help in terms of understanding of revenue laws and its impact. We give you the most needed support and confidence in this area by guiding you by forming right constitution, necessary registrations, approvals and framework needed to comply with applicable laws.

Services Offered

  • Advising on selection of constitution of business

  • Registration under various required laws.

  • Licenses under various required laws.

  • Planning organization structure

  • Tax planning

Accounting Services

We made our client aware how to make a chain of all activities of financial trail and to capture the same in their records so that all the legal requirements had been complied with and MIS, reports could be generated as per their and laws requirements.

Services Offered

  • Book Keeping (In house as well as at client location)

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Invoicing

  • Fund Management

Auditing Services

We made you aware about strong-ness and weakness of your existing financial systems and processes. It helps you in doing business confidently and provide great working environment to all concern.

Services Offered

  • Internal audit

  • Stock Audit

  • Revenue Leakage Audit

  • Audit as per specific requirement of client

System, Policy development & Implementation

This is always strategic planning of any organization and it would be done with utmost care. We helps client to develop such a system which will capture their all activities in proper order with proper documents and put our best effort to implement the same so that benefit of it would be enjoyed by all the stakeholder.

Services Offered

  • Designing & Implementation Of Accounting Manual & Policy

  • Designing & Implementation Of Taxation Manual & Policy

  • Development Of Invoicing System And Its Implementation

  • Development Of Accounts Payable System

  • Development Of Accounts Receivable System

  • Designing And Development Of Fund Management System

  • Drafting Of Policies For Raw Material/Goods/ Services Procurement & Approvals

  • Drafting Of Policies For Stock Management And Physical Verification

  • Drafting Of Policies For Fixed Assets Management And Physical Verification

Trust/Societies/NGO Consultancy

This process starts with registration and drafting of efficient and workable charter of these organizations. Then getting various registration and approval to make these organizations financially and operationally strong. Moreover, we ensure these organization to be faithful to the nation, society and with on ground requirement of needy ones.

Services Offered

  • Registration of Trust/Societies/NGO

  • Registration Under Section 12AA & 80G

  • Developing Proper Documentation System

  • Accounting & Auditing

  • Compliances

  • FCRA Registration

Management Information Services

Management plays vital role for being impactful and successful in achieving vision of any organization. For efficient and effective management, MIS plays crucial role. Here we help you in getting such MIS which makes you handy for taking prompt decisions and being complied with legal requirements.

Services Offered

  • Fund Management Report

  • Project Evaluation Report

  • Make or Buy Decision

  • Profitability Report

  • Statutory Obligation Report

  • Dashboard

  • Regular Information Report like sales/purchases/debtors outstanding report etc.

Payroll Services

Services Offered

  • Preparation Of Salary Structure

  • Preparation Of Salary Sheet

  • Preparation Of Format For Calculation Of Tax On Salary

  • Submission Of TDS/TDS Return

  • Providing Salary Slips/Certificates/ Form-16

  • Filing Employees ITR

International Services



Company Formation (LLC / C-Corp / S-Corp / Partnerships)

Tax Returns Filing (Individuals / Business / Trusts)

Payroll & Compliance

Sales Tax & Compliance

Local Business Licenses Registration & Compliance



Other Countries serving through associate partners.

Dubai, Saudi, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Europe, Malaysia, Australia, Canada

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