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System, Policy development & Implementation


This is always strategic planning of any organization and it would be done with utmost care. We helps client to develop such a system which will capture their all activities in proper order with proper documents and put our best effort to implement the same so that benefit of it would be enjoyed by all the stakeholder.

Services Offered

  • Designing & Implementation Of Accounting Manual & Policy

  • Designing & Implementation Of Taxation Manual & Policy

  • Development Of Invoicing System And Its Implementation

  • Development Of Accounts Payable System

  • Development Of Accounts Receivable System

  • Designing And Development Of Fund Management System

  • Drafting Of Policies For Raw Material/Goods/ Services Procurement & Approvals

  • Drafting Of Policies For Stock Management And Physical Verification

  • Drafting Of Policies For Fixed Assets Management And Physical Verification

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